Samsung Galaxy X 

For years there has been talk of a foldable phone that Samsung is making. The phone has the working name Galaxy X and the first prototypes appeared in 2013. Still the phone is not on the market, but according to the latest rumors, Samsung plans to bring the phone next year on the market.

The phone is actually an experiment to see if there is interest from the market in folding devices. Probably it will be released in a small edition. The Galaxy X consists of three OLED screens, which are diagonally 9 centimeters per screen. If you expand the Galaxy, however, the two inner screens are linked together and you have a diagonal of about 18 centimeters, which amounts to about 7 inches.

From the outside you have a screen where you can do some things without having to fold it out completely. This makes it a small and large telephone in one.

The Samsung Galaxy X would have been shown to select company behind closed doors in the last CES, but nothing was heard about it afterwards. Sources within Samsung state that the company has an evaluation before June of this year to determine whether the phone will eventually reach the market or whether the project will be completely canceled. If green light is given then the expectation is that he will be on the market in 2019.