Apple privacy data more transparant

In May of this year, the regulations regarding our privacy will change in the European Union. Apple has already responded to this by adjusting the privacy settings to comply with these new regulations. Apple seems to be focusing more and more on privacy.

For example, iOS 11.3 includes a feature that alerts you when an app requests personal information. With Facebook’s privacy scapegoat still fresh in the memory, where the data of 50 million people were secretly used, it is a hot item. According to CEO Tim Cook, privacy is a fundamental human right and must be handled with care.

It will be a lot easier for Apple users to download privacy data. In the future you can download clearly per app, which data Apple has from you. For example, you can see which songs you have listened to with Apple Music. But also which documents are in iCloud Drive.

In the past you could only download your data and delete accounts through direct contact with Apple. From now on it is possible to arrange this independently online, with your Apple ID. Apple users have the option to temporarily disable their Apple ID or even completely deactivate it. This is done by giving an automatic link to developers, a so-called ‘api’, through which the systems of Apple and those of the app builder can ‘talk’ to each other. Data that is stored directly with app developers themselves is not included in the link for the time being.